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Drop Body Fat Now!

Posted by on Nov 2, 2014

Drop Body Fat Now!

How To Get From Before To After FAST!

A nutrition and fitness challenge designed to torch body fat with a lethal combination of carb cycling nutrition and HIIT workouts.

Nutrition Challenge: 28 Days of Carbohydrate & Fat Cycling to refresh and energize your metabolism.

Fitness Challenge: Six Week Bikini Slim Down. High intensity interval training, weights, and tabatas to torch calories and tone muscles.

My Before & After (The Quick Version)

Two years ago, I would have burned the picture on the left. It would have never seen the light of day.

It seems like a lifetime ago now. And to be honest, I’m so glad that I kept the before pictures to remind myself how far I have come and how much I don’t want to go back!

So, how did I get from the picture on the left (138+ pounds 28% body fat) to the picture on the right (113 pounds 20% body fat)?


I can tell you that my transformation did not come fast or easy. It did not come from a bottle of pills. And I am not genetically blessed with a fast metabolism.

In fact, I firmly believe that fat wants me – I feel like one of the characters from the Final Destination movies….it’s coming for me ;-). Most of the women in my family are carrying around a few extra pounds of body fat – especially in the hip and thigh region.

So, how did I shed the extra weight and how did I make it stick?

80% Diet | 20% Fitness

Focusing 80% of my energy on my nutrition and 20% of my effort on my fitness. This is the formula that helped me shed over 2o pounds and keep it off for the last 2 years.

My true transformation has been years in the making.

When I turned 30 years old, I set out on a mission to live the healthiest year of my life. I started a Facebook Page called My Skinny Food (now My Trophy Life) and I documented-in photographs-every single meal that I ate for 365 days! The experience connected me to my nutrition and my body like nothing before.

I slowly ate myself into a vegetarian lifestyle. I was in the best shape of my life both physically and mentally.

But, it was short lived. I soon fell in love with a meat-eating, carbohydrate loving man.

Because I hadn’t spent enough time solidifying and internalizing my nutrition, it was easy for meat to slowly start making its way back into my diet.

At first, it was just a bite here and there but it soon turned into a carnivore obsession. Questioning, “Where’s my meat?” at every meal. Instead of building my plate around vegetables – I was back to placing meat center stage.

Not only did my food choices start to slip, so did my fitness. Love can be so intoxicatingly cozy and blind.

None of  my clothes were fitting and I could barely recognize the chubby cheeks starring back at me in the mirror.

Before I knew what had happened, I had put on 20+ pounds. I say 20+ because after that I stopped stepping on the scale! No need to further confirm that I had, in fact, gone off the rails.

I became depressed and unhappy with myself. I didn’t want to go out with friends. Nothing fit me and I didn’t want to be tempted to eat poorly or drink empty calories.

I quickly reached my breaking point. I needed to lose this weight….and I wanted to do it fast!

But sadly, what took mere months of ignorance and bliss to gain would take years to shed.

I was so desperate to lose the weight that I was willing to try anything – so, I tried everything!

I got in The Zone, signed up for Weight Watchers, bought the HCG diet formula off the internet, dug into The 4-Hour Body, believed in the The 8 Hour Diet, and almost jumped on the Paleo bandwagon….before it hit me.

I know how to do this. I had eaten myself slim before.

I needed to abandon the search for the quick fix…..which will inevitably disappoint you and likely add 5 more pounds.

I needed to stop obsessing about the outward appearance and the number on the scale.

I needed to change my lifestyle once and for all.

I needed to get myself back to the healthiest year of my life. I needed to get back to taking care of myself from the inside out.

My Secret Sauce

Here it is. The secret recipe to my success and hopefully yours.

My Nutrition: Mostly Organic & Gluten Free. Dairy & Sugar Avoiding. Pescatarian.

A Pescatarian is a type of vegetarian. I eat eggs and seafood but avoid all other animal meats 80% of the time. I still use butter but only in small amounts and I prefer to use the organic variety. You will also catch me eating the occasional piece of bacon. What can I say? Bacon is amazing.

My Fitness: 2-3 HIIT Workouts a week. 1-2 runs or spin classes per week. Occasional yoga. In all honesty, I wish I did more yoga!

80% Diet

First up. Repair and super charge your metabolism by removing or limiting the metabolism killers and play with a carbohydrate cycling approach to weight loss/maintenance.

metabolism killers


 20% Fitness

Changing your diet is only part of the weight loss and happiness equation. What nutrition won’t do – fitness will!

Changing my diet got me far…..but super charging my fitness took me the rest of the way.

I’ve laid out a simple 6 week plan that you can find right here Six Week Bikini Slim Down.

before after bikini card 3


 I work virtually as a weight loss coach with women who are ready to take control of their bodies!

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