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Spring Challenge {Who They Hell Are YOU?}

Posted by on Mar 31, 2014

Spring Challenge {Who They Hell Are YOU?}

An Adventure In Authenticity

30 days to unleash the real you.

Truth be told, I’m a delicate little flower whose emotions are easily influenced by the sun and the seasons.

Summer has an undeniable energy that makes me feel young and unstoppable.

Fall feels like transition, wisdom, and confidence. I don’t think I’ll ever shake the habit of stocking up on school supplies in September.

When winter comes I cease to grow and change but rather pause to reflect on the preceding months. I hunker down – frozen in time – waiting for the thaw.

And then it comes. The sweet sweet springing forward of the clocks and the extra hours of daylight. Spring has arrived! The season of rebirth and renewal.

Oh thank God! The days get longer and my smile gets bigger. My mood magically improves and my energy triples. Everything seems to come alive. Birds are singing, flowers are blooming, skin is showing, and spring fever slaps us in the face.

I say embrace the intoxicating charms of the season and jump feet first into a Spring Fling of epic proportions. Look no further then your bathroom mirror for your partner. That pretty face staring back at you needs a little one-on-one time. Because despite what GOT keeps telling us….SUMMER IS COMING. And once summer hits – it’s game on. There is no such thing as me time in the summer.

The Trophy Life Challenge for April is to get to know (and be cool with) the real you. The real you is not the you that you think you need to be to get a job, a boyfriend, or an acquaintance.

The real you is the you that will pursue your highest purpose, true talent and passion, attract a lifelong partner, and find your soul mate.

By the end of this month your confidence is going to be on fire (just in time for summer). You’re going to be flying your freak flag with pride and it won’t matter what anyone else thinks because you LOVE who you are.

You’ll be vibrating on a much higher frequency.  You will attract positive people and things to your life because you have self-respect and are expressing the most authentic version of yourself.

That may read like a bunch of hippie self love bullshit but that’s because it is!

But hippie self love sounds a whole helluva lot better than the alternative – low vibration garbage.

“Someone low in authenticity tends to be more defensive, suspicious, confused, and easily overwhelmed.” “Those without a sense of self-respect are more prone to blame, guilt, regret, lies, secrets and stress.” -Psychology Today.


So what does it really mean? “Being authentic” is a state of being true to yourself.  Having “self-respect” is simply liking yourself. Together it’s liking yourself for who you really are.

You can’t say you like yourself until you really get to know yourself. And you can’t get to know yourself until you spend some time with your thoughts.

For some of you, spending time alone pondering who you are sounds like a friggn’ nightmare. You’re probably the person who needs this challenge the most! Be one with nature and use this time to grow. Spring clean your mind.

This challenge is important for setting the emotional and psychological foundation of a healthy (trophy worthy) lifestyle.

Allowing yourself to be truly You sets the stage for more satisfying relationships, a stronger sense of self-worth and purpose, increased confidence in mastering challenges, and the ability to follow through in pursuing goals.

All the good stuff we can use later in the year!

Assignment 1

journal image


Start writing! This is the basis for everything in the challenge. Do not skip this part! Keeping a journal can give you boat loads of clarity. Clarity is the key to moving forward. Knowing what you want and being able to articulate that to the Universe is the first step in creating.

You’re going to resist this step. Just sit with a pad of paper and your pencil and start writing. Put the date at the top and write at least 4 sentences.

You probably have more to say than you realize. The days you avoid writing are the days you need it the most. Commit to the habit. Your journal is your autobiography.

Make sure this is a safe space for you. You can’t be authentic if you fear that someone else will expose your deepest darkest thoughts.

Read your journal. It’s freaking unbelievable what you forget. That’s why reading your journal is just as important as writing in your journal. It’s a way of preventing you from making the same mistakes or at least spending less time suffering. It’s also a great way to feel gratitude for the little things in your life.

Assignment 2

iam challenge

The I AM Exercise

Your first assignment is to complete the I AM exercise. There are two parts. The first is a list of all the ways you identify yourself in the present. The second, are ways you want to identify yourself in the future, the things that you are manifesting for your life.

Here is part of my I AM PROJECT to get you started:

Part 1

I am a nutritionist

I am a baker

I am an athlete

I am funny

I am a sister

I am a daughter

I am a friend

I am intelligent

I am a keeper

Part 2

I am a homeowner

I am a mother

I am a wife

I am an inspirational speaker

Have fun with all of this and don’t take it too seriously! List as many as you can. Don’t sensor or judge yourself. This is all about getting to know yourself. Accept your authentic awesomeness.

Grab yourself a fresh journal and get to writing. You’ll find yourself in the pages.

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Trophy life in progress. Join in!

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